Results Visualization

Image Creation: Generate images corresponding to analysis results

Visualize Mesh

Visualize the mesh.

Visualize Preprocessing Specifications on Mesh

Visualize restraints, masses and loads on deformed mesh.

Visualize Deformations

Create a deformed mesh image.

Visualize Von Mises Stresses

Create a von Mises stress field image.

Visualize Displacements

Create a displacement field image.

Visualize Principal Stresses

Create a principal stresses image.

Visualize Precisions

Create an error map image.

Analysis Results

Generate Reports

Generate an analysis report.

Generate Advanced Reports

Extract existing information for generating an analysis report.

Historic of Computation

Read and if needed modify the graphical properties.

Elfini Listing

Give ELFINI solver listing.

Results Management: Post-processes results and images

Animate Images

Animate an image. 

Cut Plane Analysis

Examine results in a plane cut. 

Amplification Magnitude

Scale the deformed mesh amplitude.

Create Extrema

Search for global or local extrema of the analyzed field. 

Edit the Color Palette

Edit the Palette on Von Mises display.


Return information on generated images.

Images Layout

Tile layout images

Simplify Representation

Display a simplified representation while moving an image.

Generate Images

Generate images that are not those included in the Image toolbar.

Edit Images
Select the required options so that you may get the desired image.
Save As New Template
Save an image as template.
Generate 2D Display Visualization
Generate a 2D visualization for modulations, sensors and dynamic solutions.
Export Data
Transfer data in a .txt, .3dxml or .xls file.

For every image type, you can edit the Color Palette.