Elfini Solver Log

This task shows you how to generate an ELFINI solver listing file which is equivalent to generate a report on computed solutions. The Elfini listing file contains all the computation data of all the documents you computed in a CATIA session.

When you compute a document, interactive warning messages may appear (for example: if equilibrium is not reached, a warning message informs you that the residual forces are not negligible). The Elfini listing file also contains the warning messages generated by the ELFINI solver.

  • When restarting a CATIA session, a new ELFINI listing file is generated.

  • The name of this listing is: ElfiniSolverLog_U_M_dD_hHmM_UUID.txt

    • U is the user login.
    • M is the name of the machine.
    • D is the date of the listing creation.
    • H is the hour.
    • M is the minute.
    • UUID is Universally Unique IDentifier which ensures the unicity of the file name.

Open the sample02_Image_Loads.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  1. Click the Elfini Solver Log icon .

    The Elfini Solver Log dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Modify button to change the Elfini Solver Log Folder location.

    The Selection dialog box appears.

  3. Select the desired path in the Selection dialog box and click OK.

  4. Click OK in the Elfini Solver Log dialog box.