Visualizing Deformations

This task shows how to generate deformed mesh images on parts.

Deformed mesh images are used to visualize the finite element mesh in the deformed configuration of the system, as a result of environmental action (loading). Deformed Mesh Image objects can belong to Static Case Solution objects sets or to Frequency Case Solution objects sets.

Open the sample23.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  • Compute the solution.
    To do this, click Compute .
  1. Click Deformation in the Image toolbar.

    The Deformed Mesh.1 image appears in the specification tree under the active solution.

    The image is also visualized:

  2. Double-click the Deformed Mesh.1 object in the specification tree to edit the image. 

    The Image Edition dialog box appears.
    For more details, refer to Image Edition.

  3. Click OK in the Image Edition dialog box.

    The image corresponding to the settings you defined is now visualized.

With the ELFINI Structural Analysis product, you can generate reports on this image.
To know more, refer to Generating Reports.