Cut Plane Analysis

This task shows how to use the Cut Plane Analysis capability. Cut Plane Analysis consists in visualizing results in a plane section through the structure.
By dynamically changing the position and orientation of the cutting plane, you can quickly analyze the results inside the system.

The last cutting plane properties (position and orientation) are now kept in the settings: each time you use the Cut Plane Analysis command, the last cutting plane properties are retrieved. You can also restore the default position and orientation of the cutting plane analysis.

Open the sample26.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  • Go to View > Render Style > Customize View and make sure the Materials option is selected in the Custom View Modes dialog box.

  • Compute the solutions.
    To do this, click the Compute icon and select the All option.

  • Activate the Stress Von Mises image.
    To do this, right-click Von Mises Stress (nodal values).2 in the specification tree and select Activate/Deactivate.

  1. Click Cut Plane Analysis .

    The Cutting Plane appears.

    The Cut Plane Analysis dialog box appears.

    • View section only: lets you see the section relatively to the position of the cutting plane.

    • Show cutting plane: lets you see only the boundary of the cutting plane.

    • Clipping:

      • Reverse Direction: lets you reverse the direction of the clipping plane.
        This button is available only if the Clipping option is selected.

    • Project vectors on plane: lets you project vectors of symbol image on the cutting plane.
      This option is available only with Symbol images displaying vectors (for example the Translational displacement vector image created using the Displacement icon).

    • Initialize plane parameters: lets you restore the default position and orientation of the cut plane analysis.

      • If the compass is positioned on the geometry before you use the cut plane command, those position and orientation are taken for cutting plane.

      • If the compass is not positioned on the geometry, the cutting plane is positioned at the center of gravity of the image with an orientation depending on the 3D view.

  2. Handle the compass using the cursor and rotate or translate the Cutting Plane.

  3. Select the View section only check box.

  4. Clear the Show cutting plane check box.

  5. Click Close.

  • The cut plane capability is also available for Frequency Solutions.
  • All the existing images will be cut, if needed.
  • You can use the Cut Plane Analysis with tiled images using the Images Layout functionality.