This task shows how to get information on one or more images and extrema you generated.

Open the sample15.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory for this task.

  • Compute the solution. To do this, click Compute .

  • Right-click on the Static case solution feature in the specification tree and select the Generate image option from the displayed contextual menu. Then select the Stress full tensor component (nodal values) image from the Image Generation dialog box.

  1. Click Information .

    The Information dialog box now appears with information on the selected image.

    Note that you can add more information on another generated image by selecting this image from the specification tree. The information on this secondly selected image will appear in the box following the information on the image first selected.

    The information displayed in the Information dialog box depends on the type of the image selected:

    Type of Information

    Type of Image

    Deformed Mesh

    Estimated Local Error

    Any Other Type of Image

    Object Name

    Display (On Boundary or all elements ; Over Local Selections or all the Model)


    Mesh Statistics (nodes and elements)


    Extrema Values (Min and Max)


    Filters for 1D, 2D or 3D elements


    Used Materials (and Yield Strength)


    Precision Location


    Estimated Precision


    Strain Energy


    Global Estimated Error Rate


    For Frequency cases or Buckling cases, in addition, you are informed on the Mode Number and Mode Value.

  2. Click Close.

  3. Create an extremum (for example, create a global maximum).

    For more details, refer to Creating Extrema.

  4. Click Information and select the extremum you just created.

    The Information dialog box appears and gives you information on the selected extremum.

  5. Click Close.