What's New?

New Functionalities

The Align Viewpoint command lets you modify the viewpoint so that its orientation is automatically set to the nearest horizontal or vertical orientation.

Enhanced Functionalities

Capturing Simple Images
In non-standard scale mode, you can only capture pixel images.
Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents
For dialog boxes allowing you to select a file or a directory, the last accessed path is now stored in preference files.
Customizing Fonts for Displaying Geometry Area Texts
TrueType font versioning: the display of a text for a particular font in a particular version remains unchanged in future Version 5 releases or service packs.
Customizing Print Settings Before Printing Documents
In non-standard scale mode, only the Rasterization rendering mode is supported.
Managing Document Save
The Apply Save to editor scope only option now applies to the Save Management command.
When you resize the Save Management dialog box, the new size is kept.
Running Batches
The Generic Batch lets you run executable files in batch mode.
When running the Print Batch in non-standard scale mode, only the Shading rendering mode is supported.
Selecting Objects Using a Filter
The Tangent Intersection Edges activation mode is now available.
Selecting Objects Using the Search... Command
The Pre-highlight option lets you activate or deactivate pre-highlighting of elements found by the search.
Navigation options are now provided to display the search results.
Using the Paste Special... Command
Ability to edit the link created when pasting a body As Result With Link in the same document.


Apply Save All to editor scope only has been renamed to Apply Save to editor scope only because it now impacts the Save Management command as well.
Graphics Formats
In non-standard scale mode, options available in the Export area are deactivated.
Managing User-Defined Toolbars
Toolbar positioning has been modified when using the Restore position capability.
This new tab lets you create smaller geometries with a high accuracy.
Two new options let you specify the maximum number of elements to be pre-highlighted and the maximum number of results displayed in the Search dialog box.

Reference Information

This new section provides specific information about clipping entities.