Aligning the Viewpoint

This tasks explains how to automatically modify the viewpoint so that the most seen plane of the absolute axis system is set parallel to the screen.
Open the document Search1.CATProduct.
  The product looks like this:
  1. Select Tools > Customize... then click the Commands tab to list the commands available.

  2. In the Categories list, select View to list all commands available for the View menu.

  3. In the Commands list, select Align Viewpoint:

  4. Drag the command from the command list to the toolbar of your choice then drop the command.
    In this scenario, the command has been added to the Standard toolbar:
    Note that some toolbars, such as the View toolbar, cannot be customized. As a consequence, you cannot drag and drop commands onto them. For more information, refer to Customizing a Toolbar by Dragging and Dropping.

  5. Optionally, you can add an icon and an accelerator (which enables greater efficiency) to the command. Refer to Customizing Command Properties for more information.

  6. Start the Align Viewpoint command (either by selecting the Align Viewpoint check box, or by clicking the icon, or using an accelerator).
    The plane orientation is automatically set to the nearest vertical orientation:
    The command is then automatically terminated which means that you need to start the command each time you want to align the viewpoint.

  7. Modify the viewpoint orientation:

  8. Select the Align Viewpoint check box: