Clipping of entities may happen in many scenarios of VECTOR printing such as:

  • Drafting: an entity might be clipped by a view with visual clipping

  • 2D Layout: an entity might be clipped by a cutting plane, a clipping frame, a circular and polygonal clipping view, or a view back clipping plane

  • DMU Space Analysis: an entity might be clipped by a DMU clipping plane

  • An entity might also be clipped if it partially gets out of the target print paper.

  You can find below some specific information regarding clipping of entities:
  • markers
  • texts.


  The markers (i.e. point representation) are clipped according to the center point position. Therefore:
  • if the center point is outside the clipping planes, the marker does not appear on the plot.
  • if the point is inside the clipping planes, then:
    • if the marker is totally inside, its representation is totally plotted
    • if the marker is only partially inside, its representation is partially plotted.


A text element that is partially clipped might be tessellated depending on the destination format (PDF, SVG, PS, CGM , HPGL2, etc.) and whether the clipping is straight or angled: only the text tessellation (triangles) is dumped in the output file. The text string and font name are not dumped.