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System Management Guide: Communications and Networks

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System Management Guide: Communications and Networks
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Chapter 1. Communications and Networks Overview
Communications Functions Introduction
Network Introduction
Physical Networks Introduction
System Communications Support
Communicating with Other Operating Systems
Chapter 2. Mail
Mail Management Tasks
Managing Mail Aliases
Managing the Mail Queue Files and Directories
Managing Mail Logging
Debugging sendmail
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and Post Office Protocol (POP)
Mail Reference
Chapter 3. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Planning Your TCP/IP Network
Installation and Configuration for TCP/IP
TCP/IP Protocols
TCP/IP Local Area Network Adapter Cards
TCP/IP Network Interfaces
TCP/IP Addressing
TCP/IP Address and Parameter Assignment - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Preboot Execution Environment Proxy DHCP Daemon (pxed)
Boot Image Negotiation Layer Daemon (BINLD)
Configuring TCP/IP
TCP/IP Daemons
TCP/IP Name Resolution
TCP/IP Routing
Path MTU Discovery
Asynchronous Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Subsystem
TCP/IP Quality of Service (QoS)
TCP/IP Security
TCP/IP Problem Determination
TCP/IP Reference
Chapter 4. Internet Protocol (IP) Security
IP Security Overview
IP Security Installation
Planning IP Security Configuration
Configuring IKE Tunnels
Using the IBM Key Manager Tool
Configuring Manual Tunnels
Setting Up Filters
Logging Facilities
IP Security Problem Determination
IP Security Reference
Chapter 5. TTY Devices and Serial Communications
TTY Overview
Managing TTY Devices
Dynamic Screen Utility
ATE Overview
Setting Up ATE
TTY Troubleshooting
Chapter 6. Micro Channel, ISA, and PCI Adapters
Micro Channel Wide Area Network (WAN) Adapters
ISA/PCI Wide Area Network (WAN) Adapters
Chapter 7. Data Link Control
Generic Data Link Control Environment Overview
Implementing the GDLC Interface
Installing GDLC Data Link Controls
GDLC Interface ioctl Entry Point Operations
GDLC Special Kernel Services
Managing DLC Device Drivers
Chapter 8. Basic Networking Utilities
BNU Overview
Configuring BNU
Maintaining BNU
BNU Configuration Files
BNU Files, Commands, and Directories Reference
Chapter 9. Network Management
SNMP for Network Management
SNMP Access Policies
SNMP Daemon
Configuring the SNMP Daemon
SNMP Daemon Processing
SNMP Daemon Support for the EGP Family of MIB Variables
SNMP Daemon RFC Conformance
SNMP Daemon Implementation Restrictions
SNMP Daemon Logging Facility
Problem Determination for the SNMP Daemon
Chapter 10. Network File System
Network File System Overview
NFS Installation and Configuration
Network Lock Manager
Secure NFS
NFS Problem Determination
NFS Reference
Chapter 11. AIX Fast Connect
AIX Fast Connect Overview
Windows Networking Concepts (NetBIOS, SMB, WINS)
AIX Fast Connect Configuration and Administration
Configuring Client PCs for use with AIX Fast Connect
Advanced AIX Fast Connect Features
AIX Fast Connect Problem Determination
Configuring Network Logon for AIX Fast Connect
AIX Fast Connect Configurable Parameters for the net Command
Migrating to AIX Fast Connect from AIX Connections
Appendix A. Notices