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System Management Guide: Communications and Networks

AIX Fast Connect Configurable Parameters for the net Command

AIX Fast Connect is designed for ease of administration, but provides a sufficient set of customizable parameters to support various configurations. Several of these parameters are dynamically configurable and do not require the server to be stopped and restarted for the changes to become effective.

These parameters are found in the /etc/cifs/cifsConfig file, and can be configured by using the net command with the following syntax:

   net config /parameter_name:parameter_value

Details on usage can be found by typing: net config help.

A brief description of these parameters follows:

Parameter Description Type (default,min,max) S/D1
acl_inheritance This value enables or disables the inheritance of AIX ACLs from the base path of a file share. Details of this feature can be found in Support for JFS ACLs. int (0, 0, 1) S
aix_sharing_omodes This option is used to enable or disable SMB ShareMode locking, using AIX file-locking modes. (Not related to share_level_security.) See also oplockfiles, oplock_unix_lock int 0, 0, 1 S
alias_names List of servername aliases. Use net name to list or update this parameter. Maximum length of each alias is 15 characters. See Specifying NetBIOS Aliases String NULL, n/a, n/a D
autodisconnect Timeout (in minutes) to disconnect inactive sessions. Value 0 indicates sessions will not timeout. int 120, 0, 65535 D
backup_passthrough_authentication_server IP address of the backup authentication server String NULL, n/a, n/a S
cache_searches Global enable/disable of the Search-caching feature. See Search Caching int 0,0,1 S
casepreserve When set to 1, AIX Fast Connect preserves mixed-case filenames when creating new files or directories for PC clients. When set to 0, AIX Fast Connect converts all filenames to lowercase when creating files and directories. int 1,0,1 S
casesensitive When set to 1, AIX Fast Connect filename searches are case sensitive. When set to 0 (the default), AIX Fast Connect filename searches are not case sensitive. Normally, this parameter should be set to the default because DOS and Windows use case-insensitive filename searches on their local file systems by default. int 0,0,1 S
comment Server description (for network browsing), up to a maximum of 49 characters. String n/a S
dce_auth Setting to enable AIX Fast Connect's support features for DCE and DFS. When enabled (set to 1), AIX Fast Connect uses DCE-authentication for all PC client logins and file-accesses. Requires AIX Fast Connect is installed after dce.client.*. See DCE/DFS Support for details. int (0,0,1) S
domainname Server domain (maximum of 15 characters). String WORKGROUP, n/a, n/a S
dosattrmapping DOS attribute mapping. If set to 1, the Archive, System, and Hidden attributes are mapped to User, Group, and Other execute bits. Otherwise, these attributes are not supported. This is only valid for files. int (1, 0, 1) D
dosfilenamemapchar The character used to map long file names to 8.3 DOS filename format. Valid values are tilde (~) and caret (^). Tilde (~) is the default. char ~ S
dosfilenamemapping DOS filename mapping, If set to 1, long file names are mapped to 8.3 format. Otherwise, no file name mapping is attempted. See Mapping Long AIX File Names to DOS File Names. int (1, 0, 1) S
encrypt_passwords Encrypted passwords. If set to 0, plain text passwords are used. A value of 1 will negotiate with the client. A value of 2 forces encrypted passwords. int (1, 0, 2) S
guestlogonsupport Guest Logon. A value of 1 will enable a guest user to access the server without an AIX Fast Connect password. This user will be connected with credentials defined by the user specified in the guestname parameter. A value of 0 disables this feature. int (0, 0, 1) S
guestname Guest Name (maximum 8 characters). This parameter specifies the user name that guest users will be connected as. The AIX Fast Connect password for this user should be null. String null, n/a, n/a D
lm_encryption_level Parameter to allow use of NT password encryption, when appropriate, instead of LM password encryption. The default is 0, meaning LM encryption only. If set to 1, allows NT encryption if the client supports it. int 0,0,1 S
maxconnections2 Maximum number of open connections allowed to a single resource (fileshare) on the server. (0 implies no limit.) int 0, 0, 1000 D
maxopens2 Maximum number of open files on the server. int 0, 0, 1000 S
maxsearches2 Maximum number of open searches on the server. int 0, 0, 1000 S
maxsesssearches Maximum number of open searches per session. For performance reasons, this number should be kept as small as practicable for your installation. int 5,2,1000 S
maxusers2 Maximum number of user sessions (logins) permitted. int 0, 0, 1000 D
nbns If set to 1, server acts as a NetBIOS name server. int 1, 0, 1 S
netlogon_path The AIX pathname for the NETLOGON and IBMLAN$ shares (maximum 1023 characters), to store user startup scripts and policy files. String /var/cifs/netlogon,
n/a, n/a
networklogon Network Logon. This option is used to enable or disable the Network Logon feature of AIX Fast Connect. int 0, 0, 1 S
oplock_unix_lock Oplocks File Locking. Enable or disable AIX file-locking to be used for opportunistic locks. Enable this option if oplocks are enabled, and AIX applications need to share files with PC-clients. See also oplock_unix_lock_timeout, aix_sharing_omodes, oplockfiles. int 0, 0, 1 S
oplock_unix_lock_timeout Timeout in seconds, for oplock_unix_lock. (Time allowed to obtain AIX file lock.) int 0, 0, 1 S
oplockfiles Global parameter to define whether opportunistic locking is enabled (yes) or disabled (no). Opportunistic locking is a performance feature, allowing clients to lock entire files in non-exclusive mode. Controlled by oplocktimeout. See also sh_options, oplock_unix_lock. Y/N yes, no, yes S
oplocktimeout Timeout in seconds for opportunistic locking. int 35, 35, 640 S
os2compatible OS/2 Compatibility. If set to 0, READONLY means all readable but not writable files. If set to 1, READONLY means all readable files. int 1, 0, 1 D
passthrough_authentication_server IP address of the passthrough authentication server String NULL, n/a, n/a S
primary_wins_ipaddr IP address of the NBNS (WINS) server. When started, the AIX Fast Connect server will register its NetBIOS name(s) with this NBNS server. See also wins_proxy. String null, n/a, n/a S
profiles_path The AIX pathname for the PROFILES share (maximum 1023 characters), which the Network Logon feature uses to store user profiles and home directories. String /home,
n/a, n/a
secondary_wins_ipaddr IP address of secondary WINS address. String n/a S
send_file_api Boolean value to enable an enhanced system call to improve the performance in sending files over the network. int (1, 0, 1) S
send_file_cache_size Cache SendFile Option. If the send_file_api is 1 and the requested SMB read size is less than the value of this parameter, the send_file API caches the file. The default value is zero, which means send_file API will not cache the file. int (0, 0, 4194304) S
send_file_size Cache SendFile maximum size. If the send_file_api is 1 and the requested SMB read size is greater than the value of this parameter, then send_file API is used in the SMB operation. int (4096, 1, 4194304) S
servername NetBIOS name of the AIX Fast Connect server (maximum 15 characters). String TCP/IP hostname, n/a, n/a S
sh_options Data field (per share) to allow per-share options to be defined. This field should only be accessed with the net share command. See Per-Share Options. int n/a S
share_level_security Option to enable or disable share-level security (instead of user-level security). When enabled, share_level_security_username must also be specified. See Share-Level Security. int 0,0,1 S
share_level_security_username AIX username used for file-access credentials when share_level_security is enabled (maximum 8 characters). Similar to guestname, but used for share-level security mode. String NULL, n/a, n/a S
startup_script The filename of the startup script used when networklogon=1 (maximum 256 characters). Two meta tags in this string allow customization of the startup script filename during client logon -- %U is expanded to the client's username, and %N is expanded to the client's computer name. String startup.bat,
n/a, n/a
umask Default permissions mask for files created from client machines. It is an octal number, and should always be prefixed with a zero. octal (022, 0, 0777) D
usernamemapping Option to enable/disable the Username Mapping feature, configured by net user /map. int 0,0,1 S
wins_proxy Proxy Option. A value of 1 enables the forwarding of NetBIOS name resolution requests to a WINS server specified by the primary_wins_ipaddr parameter. int 0,0,1 S

  1. S stands for static and D for dynamic. Any changes to static parameters require a stop and restart of the AIX Fast Connect daemon before they take effect.
  2. For maxusers, maxconnections, maxopens, and maxsearches, a default or minimum value of zero means unlimited (no restrictions).

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