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System Management Guide: Communications and Networks

Migrating to AIX Fast Connect from AIX Connections

For AIX Connections users to migrate to AIX Fast Connect, netbios.* filesets must be uninstalled, which also requires the connect.* prerequisite filesets to be uninstalled.

Note: AIX Fast Connect does not support the NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, Appletalk, or Netware protocols. AIX Fast Connect only supports SMB networking using NetBIOS over TCP/IP (RFC 1001/1002). If your network is configured for one of these other protocols, you might need to install TCP/IP and SMB-client software on your client PCs.

Before uninstalling AIX Connections, you might want to save the old configuration files. These are plain text configuration files that can be used as a reference when configuring AIX Fast Connect.

Saving ACONN Configuration Data Before ACONN Uninstall

AIX Connections (connect.*) configuration files include:

/usr/tn/config.tn Network/socket definitions
/usr/tn/profile.file Export/share definitions
/usr/tn/services.NB Service definitions for NB-realm
/usr/tn/services.NW Service definitions for NW-realm
/usr/tn/services.AT Service definitions for AT-realm
/usr/tn/.lic.tot Number of licensed users
/usr/tn/passwd.file.narrow Encrypted passwords

To save these configuration files before uninstalling ACONN, simply copy/move these files to new names, config.tn.save, etc.

NOTE: Uninstalling connect.* deletes only those files that were originally installed by the AIX Connections installation.

NetBIOS/ix (netbios.*) configuration files include:

/etc/mcstab LANA definitions
/etc/mcs0 startup script (possibly customized)
/etc/mcsnet/wins.names WINS data
/etc/inethosts NIP cache (similar to LMHOSTS)

To save NetBIOS configuration data, the saved filenames must not begin with mcs, because netbios.* deletes all mcs* filenames during its uninstall process. For example:

mkdir /etc/nbix.save;  cp -rph /etc/mcs* /etc/inethosts /etc/nbix.save

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