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System Management Tasks
Backing Up and Restoring
Installing Documentation Library Services
Installing Documentation Library Services for Single Users
Installing Documents
Installing and Configuring NIS
Installing and Configuring NIS+
Managing Users and Groups
Managing the AIX Common Desktop Environment
Managing the System Environment
Registering Documents for Online Searching
Starting and Stopping the System
System Use Tasks
Backing Up Files and Using Storage Media
Customizing the User Environment
Displaying Environment and System Information
Handling mail (mail Program)
Identifying Users and Systems
Printing Files and Controlling Print Jobs
Redirecting Input and Output (Pipes and Filters)
Securing Files and the System
Transferring Network Files (TCP/IP)
System Management Topics
Communications and Networks
Controllers and Subsystems
Data Link Control (DLC)
Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI)
Distributed SMIT
Documentation Library Services
File Systems
Installation and Maintenance
Logical Volumes
Moving from NIS to NIS+
NIS+ Administration
NIS+ Security
National Language Support
Network Computing System (NCS)
Network Information Service (NIS)
Network Installation Management (NIM)
Network Management
New Database Manager (NDBM)
Paging Space and Virtual Memory
Performance Tuning
Printers, Print Queues, and Print Jobs
Process Management
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
System Accounting
System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)
Tape Drives
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Web-based System Management
eXternal Data Representation (XDR)
System Use Topics
Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE)
Basic Network Utilities (BNU)
Command Basics
DOS File Basics
Directory Basics
File Basics
Login Names, System IDs, and Passwords
Miscellaneous Tools and Utilities
Process Basics
Shell Basics