First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Alphabetical Listing of Commands
sa Command
sa1 Command
sa2 Command
sact Command
sadc Command
sar Command
savebase Command
savecore Command
savevg Command
scan Command
sccs Command
sccsdiff Command
sccshelp Command
scls Command
script Command
sdiff Command
securetcpip Command
sed Command
send Command
sendbug Command
sendmail Command
setclock Command
setgroups Command
setmaps Command
setsenv Command
sh Command
shell Command
show Command
showmount Command
shutacct Command
shutdown Command
size Command
skulker Command
slattach Command
sleep Command
slibclean Command
sliplogin Command
slocal Command
smdemon.cleanu Command
smit Command
snap Command
snmpd Command
snmpinfo Command
sno Command
soelim Command
sort Command
sortbib Command
sortm Command
spell Command
spellin Command
spellout Command
split Command
splitlvcopy Command
splp Command
spost Command
spray Command
sprayd Daemon
srcmstr Daemon
srex Command
startsrc Command
startup Command
startx Command
statd Daemon
stem Command
stopsrc Command
stpinet Method
strace Command
strchg Command
strclean Command
strconf Command
strerr Daemon
strinfo Command
strings Command
strip Command
stripnm Command
strload Command
strreset Command
struct Command
sttinet Method
stty Command
stty-cxma Command
style Command
su Command
subj Command
sum Command
survd Daemon
svmon Command
swapon Command
swcons Command
sync Command
synclvodm Command
syncvg Command
syscall Command
syscalls Command
sysck Command
sysdumpdev Command
sysdumpstart Command
sysline Command
syslogd Daemon
tab Command
tabs Command
tail Command
talk Command
talkd Daemon
tapechk Command
tar Command
tbl Command
tc Command
tcbck Command
tcopy Command
tcpdump Command
tctl Command
tdigest Command
tee Command
telinit or init Command
telnet, tn, or tn3270 Command
telnetd Daemon
termdef Command
test Command
tftp or utftp Command
tftpd Daemon
tic Command
time Command
timed Daemon
timedc Command
timex Command
tip Command
tokstat Command
touch Command
tprof Command
tput Command
tr Command
trace Daemon
tracesoff Command
traceson Command
traceroute Command
trbsd Command
trcdead Command
trcnm Command
trcrpt Command
trcstop Command
trcupdate Command
troff Command
trpt Command
true or false Command
tset Command
tsh Command
tsm Command
tsort Command
ttt Command
tty Command
turnacct Command
turnoff Command
turnon Command
tvi Command
twconvdict Command
twconvfont Command
type Command
ucfgif Method
ucfginet Method
uconvdef Command
udefif Method
udefinet Method
uil Command
uimx Command
ul Command
ulimit Command
umask Command
umount or unmount Command
unalias Command
uname Command
uncompress Command
unexpand Command
unget Command (SCCS)
unifdef Command
uniq Command
units Command
unlink Command
unloadipsec Command
unmirrorvg Command
unpack Command
untab Command
update Command
uprintfd Daemon
uptime Command
users Command
usrck Command
uucheck Command
uucico Daemon
uuclean Command
uucleanup Command
uucp Command
uucpadm Command
uucpd Daemon
uudecode Command
uudemon.admin Command
uudemon.cleanu Command
uudemon.hour Command
uudemon.poll Command
uuencode Command
uuid_gen Command (NCS)
uukick Command
uulog Command
uuname Command
uupick Command
uupoll Command
uuq Command
uusched Daemon
uusend Command
uusnap Command
uustat Command
uuto Command
Uutry Command
uutry Command
uux Command
uuxqt Daemon