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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

style Command


Analyzes surface characteristics of a document.


style-a ] [ -e ] [ -lNumber ] [ -ml ] [ -mm ] [ -p ] [ -P ] [ -rNumber ] File ...


The style command analyzes the surface characteristics of the writing style of an English-language document. It reports on readability, sentence length and structure, word length and usage, verb type, and sentence openers. Because the style command runs the deroff command before looking at the text, header files that contain appropriate formatting information should be included as part of the input.

Note: The use of nonstandard formatting macros may cause incorrect sentence breaks.


-a Prints all sentences with their length and readability index.
-e Prints all sentences that begin with an expletive such as "There are ".
-lNumber Prints all sentences longer than the number of words specified by the parameter Number.
-ml Causes the deroff command to skip lists; should be used if a document contains many lists of nonsentences.
-mm Overrides the default ms macro package.
-p Prints all sentences that contain a passive verb.
-P Prints parts of speech of the words in the document.
-rNumber Prints all sentences whose readability index is greater than Number.

Related Information

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