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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

uukick Command


Uses debugging mode to contact a specified remote system.


uukick-xDebugLevel ] SystemName


The uukick command contacts a remote system, named by the SystemName parameter, using debugging mode. The debugging mode provides a means of monitoring Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) file transfers and connections to remote computers.

The uukick command starts the uucico daemon, which actually contacts the specified remote system. The uucico daemon produces debugging output that enables you to monitor its progress as it establishes the connection to the remote system, performs the remote login, and transfers a file.

The debugging output is scrolled on the screen of the local system. Once the system has finished displaying this information, press the Interrupt key to return to the prompt.

  1. Either you must be in the /usr/lib/uucp directory when you issue the uukick command, or you must issue the command with the full path name, /usr/sbin/uucp/uukick.
  2. The uukick command is a shell script stored in the /usr/lib/uucp directory.


-xDebugLevel Overrides the default amount of detail in the debugging information the command displays on the screen. The valid range for the DebugLevel variable is 0 to 9, with a default of 5. Higher numbers cause the final report to be more detailed. If the -x flag is not used, the uucico daemon is started with the default level, which produces a moderate amount of information.


To change the amount of detail in the information about the progress of the operation of the uucico daemon, use the -x flag to specify a higher or lower debugging level. For example, enter:

uukick -x9 hera

This instructs the uukick command to generate as much information as possible about the way in which the uucico daemon is working while trying to connect to system hera . Or, enter:

uukick -x3 hera

This instructs the command to generate less than the default amount of information about the connection.


/usr/sbin/uucp/uukick Contains the uukick shell script.
/etc/uucp Contains the configuration files for BNU.
                          Contains information about available devices.
                          Contains dialing code abbreviations.
                          Specifies initial handshaking on a connection.
                          Describes access permissions for remote systems.
                          Describes accessible remote systems.
                          Contain files to be transferred and files recording transfer statistics.
                          Contain files that have been transferred.

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