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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

uudecode Command


Decodes a binary file that was used for transmission using electronic mail.


uudecode [ InFile ]


The uudecode command reads an encoded file, strips off leading and trailing lines added by mailers, and recreates the original file with the specified mode and name. Decoding a file causes the result to be automatically saved to a file. The file name is identical to the remote file argument originally supplied to the uuencode command.


InFile Specifies the name of the file to decode.


To decode the file /tmp/con on a local system that was encoded with the follwing command:

uuencode /usr/lib/boot/unix pigmy.goat > /tmp/con


uudecode /tmp/con

The file pigmy.goat will be identical to the originally encoded file /usr/lib/boot/unix.


/usr/bin/uudecode Contains the uudecode command.

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