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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

size Command


Displays the section sizes of the Extended Common Object File Format (XCOFF) object files.


size -d -o -x ] [ -f ] [ -V ] [ -X  {32|64|32_64}] File File ... ]


The size command writes to standard output the number of bytes required by all sections, along with their sum for each XCOFF file. If the -f flag is specified, the section name follows the section size.


The output is in decimal notation unless you change the output with the following flags:

-d Writes in decimal notation.
-f Writes the section name in parenthesis following the section size.
-o Writes in octal notation.
-x Writes in hexadecimal notation.
-X mode Specifies the type of object file size should examine. The mode must be one of the following:
32 Processes only 32-bit object files
64 Processes only 64-bit object files
32_64 Processes both 32-bit and 64-bit object files

The default is to process 32-bit object files (ignore 64-bit objects). The mode can also be set with the OBJECT_MODE environment variable. For example, OBJECT_MODE=64 causes size to process any 64-bit objects and ignore 32-bit objects. The -X flag overrides the OBJECT_MODE variable.

-V Prints the version number of the size command.


  1. To display the size of the a.out file in decimal, enter:
    This displays the size in bytes of the executable a.out file. The size of each section of the object file is given, followed by the total:
    3720 + 1752 + 4152 = 9624
  2. To display the size of an object file in octal, enter:
    size -o driver.o
    This displays the size of the driver.o object file in octal.
  3. To display the size of several object files in hexadecimal, enter:
    size -x *.o
    This displays in hexadecimal the size of each file ending with .o in the current directory.

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