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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

spellout Command


Verifies that a word is not in the spelling list.


spellout-d ] List


The spellout command looks up each word from standard input and prints on standard output those that are missing from the hashed list file specified by the List parameter. The hashed list file is similar to the dictionary file used by the spell command.


-d Prints those words that are present in the hashed list file.


To verify that the word hookey is not on the default spelling list, enter:

echo hookey | spellout /usr/share/dict/hlista

In this example, the spellout command prints the word hookey on standard output if it is not in the hashed list file. With the -d flag, spellout prints the word hookey if it is found in the hash file.

Related Information

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