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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

termdef Command


Queries terminal characteristics.


termdef [ -c | -l | -t ]


The termdef command identifies the current display type, the active lines setting, or the current columns setting. This simplifies resetting the lines and columns when you switch fonts as well as resetting the TERM environment variable when you switch displays. The terminfo database defines the default number of lines and columns for each display, but the lines and columns can change depending upon which font is currently active. Also, the TERM environment variable does not automatically reflect the currently active display.

The flags for the termdef command are mutually exclusive. If you use more than one flag with the command, the termdef command recognizes and returns the current value for the first flag only. Any other flags are ignored. For example, the termdef -lc command returns only the active lines setting for the current display.


-c Returns the current column value.
-l Returns the current line value.
-t Returns the name of the current display (the default action).


To determine the current value of the TERM environment variable, enter:

termdef -c


/usr/bin/termdef Contains the termdef command.

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