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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

stpinet Method


Disables the inet instance.


stpinet-l "Interface ...] [ -t Time ]


If stpinet is started with a list of network interfaces specified with the -l option, then this method only stops those IFs. Otherwise, stpinet informs users of the impending demise of TCP/IP, using the wall command, and invokes the ifconfig command to mark each configured IF as down. If no network interfaces are specified, the status flag of the inet instance is set to DEFINED.


-l "Interface ..." Specifies the name of the interface to be disabled.
-t Time Specifies the time in minutes until the inet instance is stopped.


The following example disables the inet instance tr0 five minutes from the time the method is executed:

stpinet -l "tr0" -t 5

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