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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

srex Command


Starts the sequential daemon for the Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT).


srex [ -w Machine ,Machine ... ] [ -W Domain ,Domain ] ... ] Command

Note: Add a space after the -w and -W flags. Do not put a space between the comma and multiple values for the Machine or Domain parameters. If the Command includes any spaces, then the Command must be enclosed in double quotes (").


The srex command allows you to bypass the DSMIT interface by entering commands at the command line. The command will be sent to all the machines specified in sequential mode. To send commands to machines specified in concurrent mode, see the crexcommand.

Note: If the command contains any reserved shell characters such as a single quote ('), ampersand (&), or pipe symbol (|), use double quotes to enclose the command as in the example below. If the command contains double quotes ("), use single quotes to enclose the command.

To use the srex command, you must have your system configured correctly as a DSMIT server. To learn more about DSMIT and configuring your system, see the Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT) Overview, in the Distributed SMIT 2.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference.


-w Machine Specifies the machines to be in the working collective.
-W Domain Specifies the domains to be in the working collective.


Access Control: You must be a registered DSMIT administrator to run this command.


  1. To list the users on M1 and M2 , enter:
    srex -w M1,M2 "lsuser -c -a id home ALL | sed '/^#.*/d' | tr ':' '\011'"
  2. To change all the guest passwords on Machine1 and all the machines in D1 , enter:
    srex -w M1 -W D1 "passwd guest"


/usr/share/DSMIT/domains Contains the list of domains used by DSMIT.
/usr/share/DSMIT/dsmitos Contains the list of operating systems of DSMIT clients.
/usr/share/DSMIT/hosts Contains the list of machines with DSMIT installed that can run commands built by the DSMIT server.
/usr/share/DSMIT/security/v5srvtab Stores the local machine's unique DSMIT principal key.
/usr/share/DSMIT/security/admin.cfg Stores the DSMIT administrator's keys.
/usr/share/DSMIT/security/managing.cfg Stores intermediate keys used by the managing systems.
/usr/share/DSMIT/security/managed.cfg Stores the managed machine's DSMIT principal keys.
/usr/share/DSMIT/security/dsmit.ptr Stores the name of the DSMIT configuration file server.

Related Information

The crex command, dsmit command.

Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT) Overview in the &BkSym.dsmitref;.

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