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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

tdigest Command


Converts the terms files.


tdigest File1 File2


The tdigest command converts a structured file into a binary file. The conversion makes the entries readable by the INed editor.

The file designated by the File1 parameter must be a structured file that contains terminal descriptions for the editor. The /usr/lib/INed/def.trm file is an example of this type of file. It contains a list of the terminal types supported by the INed editor. It also contains information about reading input from and writing output to various terminals. If two or more terminals have different terminal types, but use the same terminal descriptions, both of the terminal types are listed in the Terminal  Type field.

To see the settings for the input and output sequences for a terminal description, go to the /usr/lib/INed/def.trm file, move the cursor to Output or Input, and press the F11 key (the Zoom In function). For information about keyboard layouts, press the F1 key (the Help function) within the INed editor. The Input list contains all of the INed functions and the corresponding key escape sequences. The Output list contains the values used to perform display functions such as cursor movement and clear screen.

If you want to use the editor on a terminal not listed in the def.trm file, you can add it to the def.trm file and run the tdigest command. The editor looks for the terminal description file in the /usr/lib/INed/terms.bin file.


/usr/lib/INed/def.trm Contains default terminal descriptions for the INed termcap editor. The def.trm file is a structured file.
/usr/lib/INed/terms.bin Contains converted terminal descriptions. The terms.bin file is a binary file.

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