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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 5

tc Command


Interprets text into the troff command output for the Tektronix 4015 system.


tc [ -t ] [ -e ] [ -a Number ] [ -o List | -s Number ] [ -- ] [ File ]


The tc command interprets input as output from the troff command. The tc command reads one or more English-language files. If no file is specified or the - (minus sign) flag is specified as the last parameter, standard input is read by default. The standard output of the tc command is intended for a Tektronix 4015 (a 4014 terminal with ASCII and APL character sets). The various typesetter sizes are mapped into the 4014's four sizes. The entire troff command character set is drawn using the 4014 character generator, with overstruck combinations where necessary.

At the end of each page, the tc command waits for a new-line character from the keyboard before continuing to the next page. While it waits, the following commands are recognized:

!Command Sends the value of the Command variable to the shell.
-e Does not erase before each page.
-Number Skips backward the specified number of pages.
-aNumber Sets the aspect ratio to the value of the Number variable.
? Prints a list of available options.
Note: The tc command does not distinguish among fonts.


File Specifies the English-language text files to be interpreted as output from the troff command.


-t Does not wait between pages when directing output into a file.
-e Does not erase before each page.
-aNumber Sets the aspect ratio to the specified number. The default is 1.5.
-oList Prints only the pages enumerated in the List variable. The list consists of pages and page ranges (for example, 5-17) separated by commas. The range Number- goes from the Number variable value to end; the range -Number goes from the beginning to and including the page specified by the Number variable.
-sNumber Skips the first specified number of pages.
- Reads from standard input.
-- (double dash) Indicates the end of flags.


To use the tc command in a pipeline with the troff command, enter:

troff [Flag...] [File...] | tc

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