Rules Overview

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task provides an overview of the functions that use each design rule (as of R10). Click on the links to get more information. Not all products use each of these rules.

See Modifying Design Rules for links to an explanation of each of the rules, and to learn more about rules and how to modify them.

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Compatibility Parts placement (catalog filtering)
  • Values for attributes Bend Radius and Grip Length used by two Knowledge Expert rules. (See Using & Modifying Knowledgeware Rules.) 
  • Values for attribute Minimum Tangent Length is used in the routing a run function to establish the minimum length of a segment. 
Dimension Used by the routing a run function. 
  • The Outside Diameter value is used to determine the envelope size of a run. 
  • The Bend Diameter value is used to calculate the turn (bend) radius of a run and is displayed in the Run dialog box. 
  • The Wall Thickness values are used to determine wall thickness when placing a part.
Automatic Parts Parts Placement
ISO Mapping rules - attributes, endstyles and symbols. Isogen function - creating a 2-D drawing from a 3-D document.
End Dimension
  • Drawing Production
  • Generating a bolt (bill of materials) report.
  • Bolt (bill of materials) report to obtain attribute values.
  • Isogen, to obtain attribute values for the 2-D drawing.
Branching Parts placement. Filter for parts in a catalog when placing a part in a branch situation.
Shop Fabrication Outputs value which is picked up by the Welding Rule table.
Welding Parts placement, to determine type of weld to be placed between parts.
Turn Used by the routing a run function.
  • It is used to establish the bend radius of a run if there is a value in the BendRadius column.
  • If there is no value in the bend radius column then the bend radius is calculated by multiplying the value in the DiameterFactor column by the value in the Bend Diameter column of the Dimension design table.
  • If the value in the NumberofMiterCuts column is other than 0 then elbows are mitered.
Insulation Parts Placement

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