Dimension Rule

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task explains the tube (or pipe, etc.) dimension design rule.

The dimension design rule included with this application is used by the routing a run function. 
  • The Outside Diameter value is used to determine the envelope size of a run. 
  • The Bend Diameter value is used to calculate the turn (bend) radius of a run and is displayed in the Run dialog box.  A value from the turn rules table is used for the calculation.
  • The Wall Thickness values are used when placing a part. The value you see here is applied to the part attribute "wall thickness" after the part is placed.

This is a standard-specific design rule and the associated table is located in the directory ...\intel_a\Startup\EquipmentAndSystems\XXXXX\Standards, where XXXXX is the application name, such as Tubing.

ascenari.gif (1364 bytes) 1. The image below shows the tube dimensions rule table for the Tubing Design product. Tables for other applications will have different entries but function in the manner described below.

Column headings NominalSize and Schedule contain the input data. If you are adding an entry then enter the relevant input data in these columns. Values for the Schedule column are optional. If no value is entered then a blank is assumed. 

The columns WallThickness, OutsideDiameter and BendDiameter contain the output data. Enter the relevant output data in these fields. Wall Thickness values are used when placing a part. For instance, if you place a part on a 1 inch run, the attribute "wall thickness" will be given the value 0.065 inches. If you place a part in free space then the nominal size will be obtained from the toolbar. The value in the BendDiameter column is used together with the DiameterFactor value from the Turn Rules design table to establish the turn radius of a run. See Routing a Run to find out how it works.

Based on Line 7 above: for a tube of nominal size 3/4", the wall thickness should be 0.065 inches, the outside diameter should be 0.75 inches and the maximum bend diameter should be 0.75 inches.

A project resource management entry overrides the Dimension Rule by default. The resource Override Reference Attributes Using Dimension Rule has a value of 0 by default, which means a part will pick up wall thickness and outside diameter values from the Design Table. If you want the values to be picked up from the Dimension Rule then enter 1 in the Location field. See List of PRM Flags and Resources and other PRM tasks for more information.

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