User Tasks

Two-way interoperability between CATIA Version 5 and CATIA Version 4 data is treated in this chapter User Tasks. It is divided into two sub-chapters:
Migrating from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5
These scenarios show you what can be done in CATIA V5: reading CATIA V4 data in CATIA V5, copying/pasting As Result or As Spec from CATIA V4 to a V5 Document, migrating V4 data into V5 with the CATV4ToV5Migration Batch.
Migrating from CATIA V5 to CATIA V4
This section explains you that CATIA V5 data can be loaded and processed in a CATIA V4 session enabling V5 documents to benefit from the features of CATIA V4 Solutions.

Migrating from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5

Before migrating:

Warning Prerequisites
Manipulating V4 Models in V5

Copying/Pasting AS RESULT or AS SPEC a V4 Document into CATIA V5:

Copying 3D Data from CATIA V4 to V5 Document
Partial Paste: Diagnosis Feature
Main PartBody is no longer used in conversion AS SPEC
Conversion of SolidM entities as Result (migrated as a PartBody)
Copy/Paste Solids: Use of Interactive Multi Copy/Paste As Result With Link within CATIA V5
About V4/V5 Equivalences on Geometric Types and V5 Features

Migrating a V4 DETAIL:

Copying / Pasting a Model with Dittos in CATIA V5

Having access to V4 and V5 properties:

Information about V4 Attributes accessible in the Properties dialog box
Comparison of Result Option in Batch: V4/V5 BREP Info Checker

Migrating in Batch Mode:

Migrating from V4 to V5 in Batch Mode

Opening a V4 Session in CATIA V5:

Opening a CATIA Version 4 Session in CATIA Version 5

Opening a CATIA Version 4 Session referencing CDM Models

V4/V5 Infrastructure:

Having Access to PRJ Files on NT
Using CATIA Version 4 Libraries in CATIA Version 5

Optimizing V4V5 Migration:

Optimizing V4V5 Migration
How to migrate Application Data

Migrating 2D Elements into CATIA V5:

Migration of 2D Draw Elements and Views
Managing AUXVIEW2 Defaults for Migration

Migrating from CATIA V5 to CATIA V4

Reading V5 Data in CATIA V4

Reading Directly V5 Data in V4

Saving As V4 Data

Saving a V5 Part as a V4 Model
Supporting non-synchronized Elements in Save As Model (Associative Mode)
Saving CATIA V5 Text Annotation as CATIA V4 3D Text
Saving As Model: Saving CATPart "Product Description Property" As V4 Model Comment
Migrating V5 Canonic Elements

Saving a V5 Product As a V4 Session

Migration in Batch Mode

V5/V4 File-based Migration Batch

Optimizing V5V4 Migration

Optimizing V5 / V4 Migration