Opening a CATIA V4 Session referencing CDM Models

V4 Session documents containing models stored in databases can be opened in CATIA V5. Precisely, this task shows you how to open a V4 session referencing CDM models.
Have your CATIA Version 5 environment prepared to open CDMA data and have a CATProduct document open.

For more information about Connecting an ORACLE or DB2 Database to your CATIA V5 Environment, please read VPM User Guide.

In CATIA V5, on UNIX, you need to connect to the CDM database, by selecting the button in the Enovia VPM toolbar. A Connection dialog box appears:

Complete the fields, then click OK. Note that the string to be entered in the Server field is the logical name of your CDM database (the one declared by means of the Database Administration utility).

For more information about Adding a CDM Representation to a Product on UNIX, please refer to VPM User Guide.

If you have not performed the connection, an Incident Report dialog box will be displayed:

The connection to the CDM database will allow you to open Sessions referencing CDM Models.

By the same way, you can also open a CATIA V4 session referencing models stored in VPM.

The impacts of opening a V4 Session in CATIA V5:

  • V4 Session => CATProduct in CATIA V5
  • a V4 Session referencing Models stored in a database => a CATProduct containing the referenced Models
  • V4 Model => V4 Model in CATIA V5

For more information about the migration of a session, please refer to Converting a V4 Session in CATIA V5 in Batch Mode.