Saving CATIA V5 Text Annotation as CATIA V4 3D Text

This task shows you how it is possible to migrate CATIA V5 Text Annotation (Text With Leader) into CATIA V4 3D Text.
In CATIA V5, you can create 3D annotations or 3D Text by selecting Insert > Annotations > Text with Leader.
Open MigrAnnotation.CATPart. This CATPart contains 3D Text and arrows:
  1. Save MigrAnnotation.CATPart As a .model.
  2. Open MigrAnnotation.model in CATIA V5. The Annotations have been transferred into the model. The positions of the texts have been kept. You can notice that the arrows have not been reported. Indeed in V4, 3D Text descriptions do not support arrows.
It is possible to edit V4 3D Text in CATIA V4.