Partial Paste: Diagnosis Feature

This task shows you how to visualize the V4>V5 migration errors when using the option CATIA_RESULT and to understand why the copy/paste operation failed. In some cases, you can work on the design of the V4 models.
  1. Copy / Paste As Result a .model document into a CATPart.

    If there is an error during this transfer, you can visualize it in the Specification tree: there is an error feature (External References) containing the error text and the associated Geometry.

    Here is an example with the Surface migration. The error message is: "Invalid BRep Geometry of *SUR55 -wsp *MASTER - (Too closed control points are detected)".

    Control Points can be visualized and the feature displays the error message that you could find in the Warnings dialog box (after the migration).

  2. Another example with the migration of Faces with Z-Edges. The error message is: "Invalid BRep Geometry of *FAC23 -wsp *MASTER - (A Z shaped edge is detected. This configuration is not supported.)".

    The feature delivers the error message and the points allow the user to precisely localize the geometry problem.

If the automatic repair cannot take place, a diagnosis feature appears in the Specification tree and three cases can be detected:
  • the Surface support of the Edge is self-intersected
  • confusion zone of the Z-Edge is superior to intersection curve tolerance
  • confusion cannot be detected by C1 discontinuity