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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

AIX Base Operating System Product Information

The AIX Base Operating System licensed program includes the AIX operating system, languages, device drivers, system management tools, utilities, and other packages as listed.

Package Names

bos.64bit Base Operating System 64-bit Runtime

Contains support for 64-bit applications on systems with hardware that supports 64-bit.

bos.acct Accounting Services

Contains accounting services that support or enhance the base operating system (BOS).

bos.adt Base Application Development Toolkit

Contains commands, files, and libraries required to develop software applications.

bos.alt_disk_install Base Alternate Disk Installation

Allows installation of a new version of AIX Version 4.3 to another disk while the operating system is still running.

bos.atm ATM LAN Emulation Client Support Package

Contains Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) LAN Emulation client support.

bos.compat Base Compatibility Function

Contains those commands, links, and tools that have been marked for removal from the base operating system. These filesets should only be applied as needed since the information and commands they contain will not be available in future releases of AIX.

bos.cns 7318 Model P10 and S20 Software Support

Contains the 7318 model P10 and S20 software support.

bos.crypto-priv Privileged Cryptographic Algorithms

Contains privileged cryptographic algorithms that can be used with AIX IP Security.

bos.diag Hardware Diagnostics

Contains the Diagnostic Controller for the hardware diagnostics package.

bos.dlc Data Link Controls

Contains communication layer-2 data link controls that support the AIX Generic Data Link Control (GDLC) interface for wide area and local area networks.

bos.docsearch Documentation Search Service

Provides functions that allow users to search HTML documents that are registered with the search service.

bos.dosutil DOS Utilities

Contains DOS file and disk utilities for handling DOS diskettes.

bos.games Games

Contains games, such as fish and hangman.

bos.iconv AIX Language Converters

Converts data from one code set designation to another code set that might be used to represent data in a given locale.

bos.INed INed Editor

Contains a full-screen text editor that supports viewing, entering, and revising text at any location in the editor window.

bos.loc AIX Localization

Contains support for applications to run using the cultural conventions of a specific language and territory. These conventions include date and time formatting, collation order, monetary and numeric formatting, language for messages, and character classification. Where applicable, additional software such as input methods and fonts, which is required to display and process characters of a specific language, is also included.

bos.lrn Learning the Basic Operating System

Contains the learn utility and database that supports or enhances the base operating system.

bos.mh Mail Handler

Contains commands to create, distribute, receive, view, process, and store mail messages.

bos.net Base Operating System Network Facilities

Provides network support for the operating system. Includes Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Network File System (NFS), Network Information Services (NIS), UNIX-to-UNIX Copy (UUCP), and Asynchronous Terminal Emulator (ATE).

bos.pci DOS Server

Provides a means of accessing files and applications on AIX Version 4.1 systems from a personal computer using a connection over a network.

bos.perf Base Performance Tools

Contains two filesets for identifying and diagnosing performance problems.

bos.powermgt Base Power Management

Controls electric power consumption features such as system standby, device idle, suspend, and hibernation on models that support these features.

bos.rcs Remote Customer Support and Services

Provides customers access to IBMLink from the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT). Customers can connect to this remote customer support system using TCP/IP leased lines, Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) dial-up lines, or SNA.

bos.rte Base Operating System Run-Time

Contains the set of commands needed to start, install, and run AIX.

bos.som SOMobjects Base Toolkit

Contains a toolkit for creating object-oriented class libraries in C or C++.

bos.sysmgt System Management Tools and Applications

Contains system management functions related to installation, system backup, error logging, and trace.

bos.terminfo Base AIX Terminal Function

Contains description files, used by curses libraries, for various terminals.

bos.twintail Twintail SCSI Software Support

Contains support enhancing concurrent IPL of machines that are connected to a common 7135 RAID Array device.

bos.txt Text Formatting Services

Contains services for formatting and printing documents.

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