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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

INed Editor Package

The INed Editor is a full screen editor for AIX. In addition to editing files, it also contains a file and directory manager and the ability to print files. The INed Editor package has only one fileset, bos.INED.

Approximate Disk Space Required

The INed Editor package requires approximately 1.2MB of disk space.

Special Migration Notes

If you have an editorprf file in INed 3.2, make the following modifications to your editorprf file after INed 4.1 has been installed:

  1. Type e to start the INed editor.
  2. Pull down the New Task menu and select the Edit Your Editor Profile option.
  3. Select HELP Options on the Edit Your Editor Profile menu. Change every occurrence of /usr/lib/nls/msg/$LANG to $SYS.
  4. Return to the Editor Profile File menu.
  5. Select Editor Search Paths on the Editor Profile File menu.
  6. In the Forms box, delete the line containing the path /usr/lib/nls/msg/$LANG. Change $SYS to $SYS/forms on the appropriate line.

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