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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

Base Operating System Run-Time Package

This Base Operating System Run-Time package contains the set of commands needed to start (boot), install and run AIX.

Fileset Names

bos.rte Base Operating System Run Time

This fileset is the minimum set of standard commands needed to boot, install and run AIX. This fileset contains all commands common to both the uniprocessor and multiprocessor system.

bos.up Base Operating System Uniprocessor Run Time

This fileset contains the set of commands and kernel (/unix) needed to run a uniprocessor specific system.

bos.mp Base Operating System Multiprocessor Run Time

This fileset contains the set of commands and kernel (/unix) needed to run a multiprocessor specific system.

bos.data Base Operating System Data

This fileset creates the directory structure needed by the man command. This fileset also contains the tabset files needed for some terminal definitions.

The following filesets are available for updates only to bos.rte:

bos.rte.aio Asynchronous I/O Extension
bos.rte.archive Archive Commands
bos.rte.bind_cmd Binder and Loader Commands
bos.rte.boot Boot Commands
bos.rte.bosinst Base OS Install Commands
bos.rte.commands Commands
bos.rte.compare File Compare Commands
bos.rte.console Console
bos.rte.control System Control Commands
bos.rte.cron Batch Operations
bos.rte.date Date Control Commands
bos.rte.devices Base Device Drivers
bos.rte.devices_msg Device Driver Messages
bos.rte.diag Diagnostics
bos.rte.Dt Desktop Integrator
bos.rte.edit Editors
bos.rte.filesystem Filesystem Administration
bos.rte.iconv Language Converters
bos.rte.ifor_ls iFOR/LS Libraries
bos.rte.ILS International Lang. Support
bos.rte.im Input Methods
bos.rte.install LP Install Commands
bos.rte.jfscomp JFS Library
bos.rte.libc libc Library
bos.rte.libcfg libcfg Library
bos.rte.libcur libcurses Library
bos.rte.libdbm libdbm Library
bos.rte.libg libg Library
bos.rte.libnetsvc Network Services Libraries
bos.rte.libpthreads libpthreads Library
bos.rte.libqb libqb Library
bos.rte.libs libs Library
bos.rte.loc Base Locale Support
bos.rte.lvm Logical Volume Manager
bos.rte.man Man Commands
bos.rte.methods Device Config Methods
bos.rte.misc_cmds Miscellaneous Commands
bos.rte.libs Network
bos.rte.odm Object Data Manager
bos.rte.printers Front End Printer Support
bos.rte.security Base Security Function
bos.rte.serv_aid Error Log Service Aids
bos.rte.shell Shells (bsh, ksh, csh)
bos.rte.SRC System Resource Controller
bos.rte.streams Streams Library
bos.rte.tty Base TTY Support Commands
bos.rte.X11 AIXwindows Device Support

Approximate Disk Space Required

The Base Operating System Run-Time (bos.rte) software requires approximately 31.2 MB of disk space for installation.

The Base Operating System Uniprocessor Run-Time (bos.up) software requires approximately 2.2 MB of disk space.

The Base Operating System Multiprocessor Run-Time (bos.mp) software requires approximately 3.2 MB of disk space.

The Base Operating System Data (bos.data) software requires approximately 0.7 MB of disk space.

Special Hardware Requirements

The bos.mp fileset only runs on a multiprocessor system.

Special Installation Notes

The BOS installation process installs the bos.rte fileset and the required bos.up or bos.mp fileset depending on the system type. The bos.up and bos.mp filesets are mutually exclusive.

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