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AIX Version 4.3 Package Guide for LPP Installation

BOS 64-Bit Package Information

Contains a single fileset. On systems with hardware that supports 64-bit, installation of this fileset will enable the AIX Operating System to execute 64-bit applications.

Fileset Names


Approximate Disk Space Required

The BOS 64-Bit software package requires approximately .4 megabytes of disk space.

Requisite Software

Requisite software must be installed before or with the filesets you are installing from this package.

Fileset you are installing Requisite Software
bos.64bit bos.rte 4.3

Special Installation Notes

There is no reason to install this fileset on systems with only 32-bit hardware support. On such systems, AIX cannot be enabled to run 64-bit applications.

After installing this fileset, the system will need to be rebooted to utilize the 64-bit capability. The /etc/inittab file will be altered to load the 64-bit kernel extension each time the system boots.

Special Migration Notes

This fileset is new to AIX 4.3 and cannot be migrated from earlier releases.

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