Menu Bar

This section presents the main menu bar available when you run the application and before creating or opening a document:

Start File Edit View Insert Tools Analyze Windows Help



For See
Replace Component... Replacing a Component
Isolate Part Isolating a Part
Change Context Changing Context
Load Loading Components
Unload Unloading Components
Graph tree Reordering Graph Tree Reordering
Manage Representations... Managing Representations
Design Mode Using Design Mode
Visualization Mode Using Visualization Mode
Activate Node Activating Node
Deactivate Node Deactivating Node
Activate Terminal Node Activating Terminal Node
Deactivate Terminal Node Deactivating Terminal Node


For See

New Component Inserting a New Component
New Product Inserting a New Product
New CDM Component Adding a CDM Product to a Product, in ENOVIA/CATIA Interoperability User's Guide.
New Part Inserting a New Part
Existing Component... Inserting an Existing Component
Document Template Creation... CATIA - Product Knowledge Template User's Guide


For See
Bill of Material... Displaying the Bill of Material (BOM)

Managing the Bill of Material (BOM)


Capacity not to take into account a Component in BOM
Searching on BOM Attributes