Reordering the Tree

This task shows you how to reorder components within the specification tree.
Open the ManagingComponents01.CATProduct document.
  1. Select ManagingComponents01.

  2. Click the Reorder Tree icon . The Graph tree reordering dialog box appears listing the components constituting ManagingComponents01. This dialog box provides three buttons for reordering these components.

The first button moves the selected component to the top of the list.

The second button moves the selected component to the bottom of the list.

The third button moves the selected component to the place of another component you need to select.

  1. Select CRIC_FRAME and click the second arrow twice. CRIC_FRAME then appears after CRIC_TOP on the list.

  2. Click Apply to preview the result:

  3. Select CRIC_TOP and click the third button.

  4. Select CRIC_AXIS to determine the location of CRIC_TOP. CRIC_TOP is now on top of the list.

  5. Click OK to confirm the operation. The application closes the dialog box and updates the specification tree. The tree is reordered as follows: