Setting Up The Design Mode

This task shows you how to set up the Design mode for components in Product Structure context.
The Design Mode command changes the .cgr format of the component into the original editable component document. In other words, geometric data is available. This explains why most of the commands are available if Design Mode is activated.

You may wish to use the other edition mode referred to as the Visualization Mode.

  1. Select CRIC_AXIS.1.

  2. Then select either:

  • the command Edit > Representation > Visualization Mode in the file-menu.

  • or select Representations > Visualization Mode from the contextual menu

  • or click the icon Design Mode .

According to the mode you have chosen, you can see differences in the Specification Tree:
  • Design mode:

  • Visualization mode:

Moving a CATPart document from Visualization Mode to Design Mode may lead to Part Number conflicts if you had already inserted another element with the same Part Number. For more information, please refer to Setting up the Visualization Mode: Managing Part number conflicts when moving a CATIA document into Design Mode.