Design Modify Toolbar

The Design Modify Toolbar contains the following buttons:

  Update Part: See Update Part
  Flip Part Position: See Flipping Elements
  Move/Rotate Part on the Run:  See Move/Rotate In-line Parts
  Edit Part Parameters:  See Edit Part Parameters
  Resize/Respec Part:  See Changing the Size or Specification of a Part
  Adjust Run Extremity:  See Adjust the Extremity of a Run
  Validate Run Turns:  See Checking Turn Radius Errors
  Connect Parts: See Connecting Parts
  Disconnect Parts: See Disconnecting Parts
  Create an Offset Segment Connection: See Creating an Offset Connection Between Segments
  Manage Graphics Representation:  See Create Graphic Representations for a Part
  Manage Flows: See Display Flow Direction
  Transfer Elements: See Transfer Elements to New Document
Update Compartment Membership: See Updating Compartment Membership
Select/Query Compartment: See Querying Compartment Membership
Lock Compartment Membership: See Locking Compartment Membership