Adjust the Extremity of a Run

This task shows you how to move or adjust the extremity of a run.  
You can use two methods to move the extremities of a run. One utilizes the Definition dialog box. The other uses the Adjust Run Extremity command. Both are described here.
1. To adjust using the Definition dialog box, bring up the Definition dialog box. The run will  highlight and the Definition dialog box will open.
2. There are three distinct operations you can perform.
  • Click and drag the arrow symbol at the end to lengthen or shorten the segment. The image below shows the repositioned extremity.  The Total length in the Definition dialog box will change to reflect the adjusted length.

  • Click and drag the square at the end of the run to pivot the segment up or down on an axis.

  • Click and drag the star symbol . The star symbol allows you to drag the extremity in any direction.

3. Click Apply and OK.  The run will now extend to the selected position. The result of the third option is shown below.

If you are using publications-based connections across work packages, it is recommended that you use the Adjust Run Extremity command, as explained below.
4. The other method uses the Adjust Run Extremity command. With your document open, click the Adjust Run Extremity button . The Adjust Run Extremity dialog box displays.

5. Select the run extremity you want to adjust. The run is highlighted and the Adjust Options field becomes available. In the example below, the dashed red line shows that the run and pump are misaligned. There are several options for adjusting the extremity, though in this example "move to connector" will work best. All options are listed in Step 6.

6. Click the down arrow in the Adjust Options field and select one of the options. You can:
  • Move to connector: Move the extremity to a connector - select a connector to do this.
  • Move to point: Move it to a point on a part or equipment. You see the points as you move your pointer over the part.
  • Move to x ,y, z coordinate: Move to a specific coordinate. Enter the coordinates in the fields that display.
  • Move to run and keep alignment: Move to another run - the extremity is moved to that plane, not connected.
  • Move to part and keep alignment: Move to a part - the extremity is moved to that plane, not connected.
  • Merge runs and define bend: Merge two runs into one with a bend radius as defined by you.
  • Adjust by a distance: Lengthen or shorten a run by a defined distance, or reset by half of outside diameter.
7. Click OK to end.