Locking Compartment Membership

This task shows you how to lock and unlock the compartment membership of an object.              
When an object's membership is locked, the Update Compartment Membership command does not recalculate that object. Objects such as doors, windows, and air conditioning units, for example, are calculated as belonging to two compartments if they are placed on a dividing wall. You may want to lock membership of a wall air conditioning unit to one compartment so the Update Membership Command does not continually recalculate and set it to be a member of two compartments.
1. Click the Lock Compartment Membership button.
2. Select an object in your document.

The Lock Compartment Membership dialog box displays:

3. Click the Lock checkbox to lock the equipment or object listed to the compartment shown in the Memberships text box.
4. Key in a different compartment if you want to override the compartment listed in the Memberships text box.
5. Click OK to confirm the locked membership.
The next time you run the Update Compartment Membership command, a Membership Locked tab displays in the Update Compartment Membership Results dialog box:

6. To unlock compartment membership for an object, repeat the first two steps, click the Lock checkbox to deactivate it, and click OK to confirm the unlock.