Static Analysis

This chapter contains static linear analysis problems which illustrate some of the features and capabilities of the ELFINI solver.

Static linear analysis consists in finding the deformed shape and the internal strains and stresses of an elastic structure subject to prescribed boundary conditions (displacement and traction types).

You will find in this chapter the following tests:

Space Structure on Elastic Supports
Cylindrical Roof Under its Own Weight
Hemispherical Shell under Concentrated Load
Morley's Problem
Pinched Cylinder
Simply-supported Square Plate
Thick Beam
Twisted Beam
Bending of a Beam
Thick Cylinder
Rotation Loading
Articulated Truss Under a Ponctual Load
Center of Torsion of a Thin U-Beam
Thin Arc Clamped in Plane Bending
Cylindrical Coil Spring
Comparison between Bolt and Virtual Spring Bolt