This section describes the various toolbar commands available in the Product Structure workbench.
The toolbars are located on the right (or top) in the default set-up.

Product Structure Toolbar
Representation Toolbar
Filtered Selection Toolbar
Resource Toolbar
Workbench Breakdown Structure (WBS) Toolbar

Product Structure

See Inserting a New Component
See Inserting a New Product
See Inserting a New Part
Existing Component
See Inserting an Existing Component
Replace Component
See Replacing a Component
Graph tree Reordering
See Reordering the Tree
See Loading Components
See Unloading Components
Generate Numbering
See Generating Numbers
Selective Load
See Using the Selective Load


Manage Representations
See Managing Representations
Design Mode
See Design Mode
Visualization Mode
See Visualization Mode
Activate Node
See Activate Node
Deactivate Node
See Deactivate Node

Filtered selection

Product Selection
See Selecting Products only
See Selection Modes: Inversion
See Selection Modes: Children
See Selection Modes: Others
See Selection Modes: All


Create a Resource
See Create a resource
Activate a Resource
See Activate the Resource Description
Deactivate a Resource
See Deactivate the Resource Description


Display product structure view and generic components view
See Global View: complete Specification Tree, with the Product Structure and the WBS arborescence, which is useful to drag & drop components.
Display only the active view of the product and the not used products
See Active View: GCO nodes and products. You can only visualize the products associated to the active view. You are in this mode after the File/Open operation.
Display only the product structure view
Product Structure View: the Specification Tree with the Product Structure, all the products can be visualized.. No access to the GCO nodes.
Display view tree without any product
See View Tree: a tree with only the WBS arborescence (Views and GCO) and no product structure.