Generating Numbering

This task shows you how to number the components of an assembly.
Numbering components is possible provided these components are associated to representations.
Open the ManagingComponents01.CATProduct document.
Note that numbering is applied first on parts in the current product and then on parts in its sub products.
  1. In the specification tree, select ManagingComponents01.

  2. Click the Generate Numbering icon . The Generate Numbering dialog box is displayed.

    There are two ways of numbering components:

    • either you check the Integer option

    • or the Letters option.

    Moreover, if you need to number an assembly with already existing numbers, you can Keep or Replace these numbers by checking the corresponding options.

  3. Click OK to confirm the operation.
    Note that you can consult these numbers in the Product tab displayed by the Properties command, or in the Listing Report tab and in the Recapitulation of the Bill of Material.

Limitation for Generate Numbering for CATIA V5 ENOVIA LCA Interoperability.

  Generate Numbering functionality is not available when the product is saved in ENOVIA in Structure exposed storage mode.