Managing a Resource thanks to Resource Modeler

This task consists in managing Resources within the CATProduct's properties, thanks to the Resource Modeler framework available in CATIA Version 5. This is a means for the user to get information about the interfaces' methods and functions.
You can create Resources within a CATProduct that is to say you can allot a particular behavior to the product. The product's behavior is therefore modified and adheres to new interfaces.
Open the Assembly01.CATProduct document:
  1. Select the icon Create a Resource in the Resource toolbar:

    The following dialog box is displayed:

  2. Choose the Type of the Resource in the following list and select the Category of the Resource : Physical or Organizational:

  3. Click on OK. This message confirms the operation:

You can either activate or deactivate the Resource description. If you click on the activate icon, you will have access to an existing Resource within the Product's Properties dialog box. There is additional information in the Properties dialog box, in the Resource tab.
  1. Right-click the Product, select the Properties contextual command and the Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Click on the More button in the Product's Properties dialog box and the Resource tab appears:

You can find precisions about the resource: the Product's name and the resource category.

It is possible to specify the name, category and the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) parameters within this window (Edit > Properties command). These parameters are attributes for the resource.

The access to the Resource properties activates the resource -whatever the status of the resource is: activated or deactivated- and shows its characteristics in a resource tab, in the properties window.