Using The Selective Load

This task shows you how to load some components partially in an assembly.
Launching a Selective Load means loading its geometry into the system memory.

The difference with the previous functionality, Loading Components, is that Selective Load is more precise and more selective. You can choose to load only a CATPart and/or a CATProduct in an assembly. It can be applied only when the option Load referenced documents, in Tools > Options > General is deactivated.

See also next task Specifying the Depth Level when opening Product Structure.
  1. The option Load referenced documents in Tools > Options > General must be deselected:

  2. Open the AnalyzingAssembly02.CATProduct document.

  1. CRIC_FRAME.1, CRIC_SCREW.1, CRIC_TOP.1 and Set.1 are unloaded. A symbol appears in the up right corner on the document icon in the specification tree to indicate an unloaded document. The elements' geometry disappears.
    If you find a zebra symbol on the CATPart icon , it means that the document's reference cannot be found.

  2. Then, select the element(s) you want to download. To visualize CRIC_FRAME.1 for instance, select this CATPart and click the Selective Load icon in the Product Structure toolbar. The Product Load Management dialog box appears:

  3. In this dialog box, press the Selective Load button and the name of the component appears in the Delayed actions list. Click OK.

    The CRIC_FRAME.1 is loaded. Its CATPart symbol comes back in the Specification Tree and its geometry appears as shown below:

  4. You can do the same with Set.1. In the following screen shot, you can see that this Selective Load functionality can only be applied to one level, there is no incident on the element's children. CRIC_BRANCH_1, CRIC_BRANCH_3.1 and CRIC_JOIN_1 are not loaded:

    As opposed to Selective Load, the Product Initialization option allows you to download CATIA components individually. In order to have CRIC_BRANCH_1, CRIC_BRANCH_3 and/or CRIC_JOIN downloaded, it is necessary to proceed with the Selective Load.
  5. If you want to download the sub-elements of Subset1 as well, you need to select the option all in the Open depth level:

    And you obtain:
    When the Assembly is more complex, you can also decide to load the elements until the second level, in this case you select the Open depth level number 2.
  • By the same way the user can put the component in the SHOW / NO SHOW mode by clicking on the icons: for SHOW and for NO SHOW.
  • As it is explained at the beginning of this document, when the Load Referenced Documents option is not selected, the CATParts or CATProducts "sons" are not loaded. But when the Cache is also activated, you can visualize CGR documents; therefore, the opening of such documents is allowed.