Using the Manufacturing Hub

About the Manufacturing Hub

  The Manufacturing Hub provides a mechanism by which PPR (Process, Product and Resource) data can be re-used and shared between different manufacturing planning disciplines, allowing users to work concurrently on conceptual pre-planning, rough planning and detailed planning, while continually enhancing and evolving the PPR. 

The Manufacturing Hub stores its data within a database, allowing its users to build relationships between the various products, processes and resources. This allows each user to know the impact of the changes that they (or others) are making.

Each of the various Manufacturing Hub commands described in this section can be accessed via the Insert > Manufacturing Hub Object and Tools > Manufacturing Hub Commands menus, or via the Manufacturing Hub Commands toolbar:

The following sections detail the Manufacturing Hub and its usage in DPM Process and Resource Definition.

Manufacturing Hub Configuration and Requirements
Overview of Process Engineer - DPM Integration
Retrieving Objects from the Manufacturing Hub
Loading a Set of Selected Activities from a Project
Removing Products and Resources
Deleting Detailing Data
Viewing and Editing Current PPR Hub Session Data
Viewing and Modifying PPR Hub Attributes
Viewing Modified Parts
Changing Manufacturing Context Appearance
Saving a Project
Version and Alternative Management
Copying Processes and Resources
Using the Manufacturing Hub Search Command
Editing User Attributes Defined in Process Engineer
Hyperlinks and Process Engineer Attachments
Creating a New Manufacturing Hub Resource
Creating and Marking Alternative Resources
Viewing and Changing Alternative Filters
Using a Security Overlay
Starting Process and Resource Definition from a Process Engineer Session
Lock Management and User Rights