Deleting Detailing Data

A process can evolve through many iterations before its development becomes finalized. With each such iteration, a user may choose to save the intermediate stages through the "detailing" associated with a process. When the development of the process is completed, these intermediate stages that have been saved may no longer be required. 

Upon completion of a process' development, a user may want to delete unwanted intermediate detailing stages, as having too many intermediate stages will make management of the process unneccesarily more difficult. In addtion, unnecessary detailing data occupies space in the database which could otherwise be better utilized, and this increase in the size of database could potentially affect performance.

For this reason, DPM includes the Delete detailing data command to remove any detailing information that is no longer needed.

To delete selected detailing data, perform the following steps:


Select the Tools > PPR Hub Commands > Delete detailing data menu option:

Note that this command is only availble through the menu options, and is not available via a toobar command.

When selected, this command will display the Open Project dialog.

2. Select the project from which to remove V5 detailing data:

3. After a project is selected, the user is prompted to select a process to delete detailing from:

Only those processes that display the detailing icon () may be selected. In the above example, only WP-A can be opened.

4. The Select process detailing(s) to delete dialog is displayed. This dialog displays all of the saved detailing stages that are associated with the selected process:

Select the detailing data block(s) to be deleted by enabling the checkbox next to each desired block, and click OK.

5. A confirmation message is displayed to confirm the selection, and warn the user that the deletion cannot be undone once it has been performed:

Click Yes to confirm the deletion and delete the selected detailing block(s).

6. If the user doesn't have write access for the selected process, a dialog is displayed to inform the user that the deletion is not possible: