Viewing and Changing Alternative Filters

This scenario describes how to view the alternative filter criteria that is currently loaded, as well as select different alternative filter criteria.

Alternative resources must have already been created for the project.

Viewing and Changing Alternative Filters

  1. Select Tools > Manufacturing Hub Commands > Edit PPR Hub Document's Info.
    The Edit PPR Hub Document's Info dialog box is displayed, and alternative filter criteria used at the time of loading the resource is displayed in the Label Filter field.

  2. Select for the Label Filter to display the Label Filter dialog box. The Label Filter dialog box is initialized with the values for the regular and global labels that are currently active, as shown below.

  3. Use the buttons to view and select other defined alternative filter criteria.

  4. Select the desired alternative filter criteria and click on the OK button. The Change Configuration Filters dialog box is displayed.

  5. Click OK to confirm the change.
    The selected label filters are applied and the resource is reloaded in accordance with the selected filters.