Using a Security Overlay

When working with suppliers to review a mock-up, it is sometimes necessary to warn these partners that some parts have a certain level of confidentiality. Displaying an overlay enables you to do that.

The overlay function can be enabled and customized from the Overlay Settings tab page of Tools > Options > Digital Mockup.



  • The security overlay is not visible in result and preview windows (group, clash, selection, current selection, etc).
  • The security overlay displayed/printed will not change based on the sensitivity set for data owned by various companies. The same text (security overlay retrieved from server) will be shown while displaying/printing data belonging to various companies.
  • The security overlay message displayed will become global to the entire session. Hence, all documents in the session will now contain this overlay message (if Security Overlay is activated in Tools > Options Overlay Settings).
  • The security overlay message is only applicable to the last document loaded from the Manufacturing Hub.
  • The security overlay message will be displayed only if the "Always active Overlay when opening a document" option is enabled in Process Engineer, in addition to the Tools > Options Overlay Settings tab page settings DPM.
  • If a document is loaded from the Manufacturing Hub with the Security Overlay not enabled in Tools > Options, and the Security Overlay is then subsequently enabled in Tools > Options after the load, the document must be reloaded for the security overlay message to be displayed.
  • The Tools > Options setting for Security Overlay Text (Digital Mockup > Overlay Settings > Text) should not be locked by the administrator.