Overview of Process Engineer - DPM Integration

The sections below briefly describe the integration between Process Engineer and DPM applications, including:
  • What is loaded into DPM through the Manufacturing Hub
  • What gets locked when a process is loaded
  • What is saved from DPM back to the Manufacturing Hub
  • Process Engineer process relation types supported by DPM
  • How specific Process Engineer attributes are mapped when brought into DPM

The extensive customization capabilities of Process Engineer preclude the possibility of creating a complete one-to-one mapping between all Process Engineer objects and their DPM equivalents when a process is loaded into DPM. Therefore, each of the sections below describe how data defined in Process Engineer is mapped when a process is loaded into a DPM application via the Manufacturing Hub. 

What is Loaded from the Manufacturing Hub into DPM
What gets Locked when a Process is Loaded
Loading Locators and Fasteners
Supported Process Relationship Types
Attribute Mapping
Determining the Graphical Representation of Imported Objects
What is Saved Back into the Manufacturing Hub