ENOVIA V5 VPM / CATIA V4 - In Connected mode

This section will allow you to approach CATIA V4 / ENOVIA V5 VPM interoperability concepts. It explains how the communication is done between these softwares.

We have to distinguish that, in the ENOVIA database, .model files are encapsulated inside ENOVIA documents. Therefore when the user sends ENOVIA documents, .model files are not visible in CATIA V4. The user has to work with ENOVIA documents, which have the same data structure as .model files, when they are edited in a CATIA V4 session.

The following tutorials provide a step-by-step scenario of what you have to do before starting interoperability between ENOVIA V5 VPM and CATIA V4 (how to start another application, etc...).

You will also learn how to manipulate CATIA V4 models in ENOVIA V5 VPM (how to send an ENOVIA V5 VPM Document to CATIA V4 and save it, how to perform graphical actions in ENOVIA V5 VPM on CATIA V4 models, etc...).

You must use UNIX servers for ENOVIA V5 VPM / CATIA V4 Interoperability because it is not supported with the NT server.

Starting CATIA V4 from ENOVIA V5 VPM
Starting ENOVIA V5 VPM from CATIA V4
Checking-in an ENOVIA V5 VPM Document
Graphical Actions on CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 Documents
Sending an ENOVIA V5 VPM Document to CATIA V4
Saving an ENOVIA V5 VPM Document from CATIA V4
Moving Instances in CATIA V4
Performing Actions from CATIA V4
Managing Zone Definition in CATIA V4
Accessing ENOVIA V5 VPM Global Commands
Migrating V4 Multi-Model Links (MML) in ENOVIA V5 VPM
Error Management
Settings for Instances Synchronization at Save
Refresh Document in a Session